Department of Land Transport announced.

All new buses and trucks, Which have new registered. Luminescent sheet is required. It must be visible from a distance not less than 150 meters to avoid accidents. From January 1, 2061 onwards.

Truck with 2 shafts, 4 wheels, 6 tires and above,

Reflective device must be installed along with luminescent sheet. As announced by the Department of Land Transport.


Luminescent sheet position.

Rear : luminescent sheet/device RED
Beside : luminescent sheet/device AMBER

GPS EyeFleet - บทความ-ปี61-กรมขนส่งสั่งเริ่มแผ่นสะท้อนแสง-01 GPS EyeFleet - บทความ-ปี61-กรมขนส่งสั่งเริ่มแผ่นสะท้อนแสง-02

1) For those who registered before January 1, 2018, Correction must be completed. By January 1, 2019
2) In case of Luminescent Sheet But with size / mounting position / material / reflective sheet colors. Not exactly as defined. The corrective action must be completed. By Jan 1, 2020
3) For violating operators. Not installed within the specified period. Maximum fine not exceeding 50,000 Baht


Correct Luminescent Sheet Appearance


  1. Can reflect light at night. At least 150m
  2. Circle, square, rectangle, equilateral triangle (pointed to the top), or other simple shapes.
  3. Circle shape Must be at least 5 cm in diameter.
  4. All kinds of rectangles. Must be at least 5 cm in each side.
  5. The equilateral triangle (At the rear of the trailer/semi-trailer) must be at least 15 cm in length but not more than 20 cm.


Click here to read more : The letter compiled the official announcement. (The Government Gazette) issued on June 1, 2017, entitled “Reflectors for Cars and Motorcycles”. And set the rules, methods and conditions of the car reflective equipment. And the motorcycle, 2017 (R 3)