GPS tracking program. For GPS program EyeFleet Online


Google Maps and Google Street View are used.

Real-time Notification System

Vehicle Report and Summary System (Print Online immediately)

EyeFleet CCTV Camera Tracking System

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GPS EyeFleet Online Feature

Follow up 24 hours

Seeing car location
Past and Present unlimited time
Through website

Uptime 99.97%

A data storage system
via a server. View vehicle location
efficiency up to 99.97%.

Responsive Website

Easy to carry, No need to load application.

Thai menu

GPS Online Program
Supports Thai and other languages.
Manage system more easily.

Summary Report

The reporting system can be Summarized, Vehicle route and information. Every single minute / Day / Month.

Notification system

Online GPS application Automatic notification to you immediately. When the car runs into the designated area.

EyeFleet The GPS Online Program.

Supports multiple types of maps.


©Google Maps license

Satellite Map

Volunteer Map

Advantages of Online GPS Program.

Real cost reduction 10-30%.

The EyeFleet GPS Online program makes it easier to see transit overviews. Cost planning is convenient. Guess the transit time And fuel.

RealTime Notiffication alert.

The system automatically sends a realtime notification message when the car is running outside of the route. Driving too slow/fast.

Seeing playback route without losing data 100%

View back information is not lost 100%. Look backwards Engine status And the fuel graph at various times assures the data is not lost! (Running data through server.)

Customize Report as Daily / Weekly / Monthly.

Choosing to print out online reports instantly or save offline document with 4 type extensions .rtf . xls .pdf .csv.

Remote to stop the car and so on.

Sending command into the car to turn on security alarm, lock/unlock the door, take a picture inside, and make a car stop running.

Convenient to work with, even open multiple pages.

EyeFleet GPS Online uses less bandwidth, faster data access, no freeze occurs, and works with other programs well.