GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices
10 Wheel Truck

A "10 Wheel Truck" suitable for M3 GPS Tracker. Imported high performance device from abroad Production in factory , Which receives ISO certification and QC PASS. Devices characterization was announced by Department of Land Transport in all respects. An amazing technology that offers a strong resistance to heavy weather in Thailand and preventing water, dust, heat, humidity and vibration as well. Including protection surge and noise. If battery is run out of car, Could be used continuously for approximately 1-2 hours (depending on the vehicle). After installing a GPS device successfully, You can register with Department of Land Transport immediately.

GPS for 10 Wheel Truck

More efficency and comfortable ways, for transportation management system. With EyeFleet GPS Fleet Management System, you can see all vehicles movement. High Accuracy digital fuel level sensor will help you prevent the fuel theft, and controlable cost.
Standard of Department of Land Transport.
Installation service 24 hr around Thailand.
Completable with all devices.
Controllable cost with digital fuel sensor.

Fuel Stealing Monitoring

Fuel graph drop abnormally
Car idle and car park status
Car's position in a mysterious place

Using a Driver's License Reader

Start a car

After, starting a car. Card reader will make a sound.

Swipe card

Swipe card, following the arrow sign on device.

Examples of Installation

How To GPS installation

GPS for 10 wheel truck

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