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GPS Tracking System Online EyeFleet

Eyefleet GPS Tracking System have standards announced by the Department of Land Transport. After GPS Tracking System installation, the vehicle can write / register with Department of Land Transport immediately. Check the vehicle through online applications and high-performance realtime with manual explains within a program. Support Thai Language, and works well with all devices. This GPS Tracking System installation compatible with all types of vehicle e.g. 10 Wheel Truck, Trailer Truck, Truck, Pickup, Tour Bus, Van, Personal Car, Motorcycle, and Vessel Tracking. Track the location and play history route, Print summary reports online, Predictable costs, Surrounding areas and receive email alerts when a vehicle off the road. We are happy to offer a free consultation! Since the first step without obligation, And provide free installation! Around Thailand.

EyeFleet Brochure

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View your vehicles position anywhere

Live on 24 hours

View your vehicles position unlimited
present-past through website

Realtime Notifications

Our program will push
an automatic message immediately to you
when the car ran out of your highlight areas

Print report docs online

Our report system can
summarize detailed route immediately
Daily / monthly

Highest uptime in Thailand

A data storage system is supported
Through the server to view positions
Efficiency of 99.97%

Different languages support

Support for Thai and other languages
learn and manage system easier

Multi-platform application

No need to download any
programs or applications
just enter our web address

iPhone >
Smart phones >

Location Tracking

Check the vehicle easily through EYEFLEET Online. The most powerful, Most stable, User-friendly as possible. Take away and organize easily with help system and Multi-platform application.

Draw areas and push notifications

Draw a fence and rename your own place to create a realtime notification appear next time. Also, choose messages sent to email addresse or sms. Allows unlimited highlightable areas and interactive.

Cost analysis with chart

When the trend of fuel graph of your fleet is increased more than average. Please, check the level history of fuel graph in short period immediately and viewing with Street Map (type of virtual map) in the observation.

Export the report docs files

Choose a type of reports and Microsoft Office document formats to save and print immediately for 24 hours. Rename your company name on the top of papers and choose the document format .rtf .xls .pdf and .csv of your own.

More than 40,000 vehicles

Eyefleet GPS ONLINE is the most talked about in a group of customer. On the behalf of company , we would like to say thank you all of the customers that trust in our goods and services that make us acheive a target to 40,000 vehicles.

Free consultation with No conditions

We are here to serve all of our customers and counseling for free. Unconditional For those who are interested in GPS. We are happy to hear what our customers will saying.







Uptime (%)




Tour Bus

Eyefleet GPS Tracker and Time Recorder are the legal standards of Department of Land Transport. Time recorder support all types of driver License. New/Old car can register fees definitely 100% immediately without waiting several days.



Whenever, your vehicles go you will know. Eyefleet GPS Online is very easy and fast tool. This multi-platform application can push realtime notifications when vehicles go faster than actual. Allow manage notification settings inside.



Tracking Technology for 3G/4G LTE. Realtime Vehicle Positioning and Push Realtime notification through email or SMS. (when vehicles go faster than actual , in/out of your favourite stations , etc.) The installation service is supported 24 hours.


Fishing Boat

Free consultation with No conditions to install GPS tracking devices in Thailand Fisghing Boats with best technology. Our team has completed works tidy. Fast and easy to manage all of your vehicles. 02-052-4466

Quality Guaranteed

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