Benefits after installing CCTV

To know car position at the present time. Follow up more closely.

Viewing position, video screen, and voice-hearing at the same time.

Check for accidents And as evidence When to use witnesses.

Can help in a timely manner. When an emergency occurs.

Fuel theft protection, Replacement parts, Over cash receipts.

Check for lost baggage and equipment safety.

Talk to the driver through the speakers immediately. (Without the phone)

Installed and ensured that it will not interfere with the car system.

System capability

Locate car And watch the video simultaneously.

GPS Positioning
Processing, vehicle location on a Google map and satellite. There is a GPS system that helps to see the car position. Coupled with the ability to hear. And see the situation at the same time.


3G / 4G Video Surveillance
Add real time VDO viewing experience without interruption! Via 4G network today! With 1080p HD video and audio, it can be seen day and night. Similar to sit in a real event.

Download Video Storage
Emergency / Accident / Theft / Property Damage VDO files can be saved, viewed as Offine, or stored as evidence.

Image Capture
Take a photo while VDO is online to analyze the story. Or kept as evidence When something goes wrong. Such as
Fuel theft, Replacement parts, Over cash receipts.


Vehicle Track Playback
View the route continues past 7 days 100% guarantee no data loss! Even though the device crashed. (The picture and sound are recorded through the Server to security)

EyeFleet CCTV is a 2-Way Communication System. Allows you to speak directly to the driver! (No phone required), for emergency / accident / driving fast situation, can give advice / help Timely!

Full HD 1080p images like sitting in the event.

100 channels can be viewed simultaneously.

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Can be installed on many types of vehicles

– Van, Passenger Van, School Bus, Ambulance
– Buses Service
– Truck / Coldroom / 10 Wheeler
– Tanker / Dangerous Goods
– Pickup Truck
– Private Car
– Container ship / Oil Tankers Ship / Cargo Ship
– Building / Workplace / Warehouse